Compliance and Governance

Employment Contracts and HR Policy Manuals

With clear guidelines, your employees will have a better understanding of what is expected of them, and your managers will know what procedures to follow to make the right decision. Having best practice HR Policies and Procedures (that is customised to your needs/industry) in place will also help you meet your legal obligations.

HR Synthesis will draft legally sound Employment Contracts for all your current and future employees.

talent management

Industrial Relations

Managing conflict/mitigating risk
The purpose of industrial relations is to manage the expectations of both employees and employers fairly, while protecting each parties rights and adhering to the laws and processes that govern the modern South African workplace.

Industrial Relations, Poor Performance Management and Counselling
Do you know how to deal with an employee whose performance falls short of your expectations? Without knowledge of the labour laws or policies in place to guide you, you could make a difficult situation worse. As your partner, HR Synthesis will guide through drafting a policy that includes options for formal and informal disciplinary action, instructions on how to chair hearings and training on all labour management issues. We will assist managers in preparing the disciplinary packs and issue them with the necessary templates that guides the process. We will prepare your witnesses and arrange an external chairperson to facilitate the formal hearings.

If you believe that all an employee needs is counselling, you’ll be pleased to know that we can provide this service and help them get back on track. This is often the simplest and easiest solution for all parties involved.

If you have a dispute in the organisation amongst peers or between an employee and their manager, HR Synthesis will mediate over the matter and get all parties to reach an amicable resolution.

CCMA Preparation
If you should need to appear before the CCMA we can assist you in preparing for the matter set down. As your HR partner, we are able to provide evidence that all procedures have been properly followed and testify to any counselling that may have been given to an aggrieved employee.

Restructuring and Retrenchment
Dismissing an employee, whether due to a restructuring of the business or other operational requirements, is never an easy decision to make. It also brings with it a number of legal obligations for you as an employer.

HR Synthesis will help you manage the process, ensuring that you adhere to the labour legislation, and where possible, reducing the impact on individuals and your business.

Human Resources

Skills Development

There are several reasons why your company may be seeking a skills development solution from an HR consulting company:

  • To conduct a skills audit,
  • To comply with the different Skills legislation;
  • To improve your B-BBEE score;
  • To improve your corporate citizenship by funding skills programmes like bursaries, internships, learnerships etc. that particularly give young black South African Youth a career boost;
  • To maximise your SETA grant payout, and most importantly
  • To implement a training and development programme that delivers results for both your employees and your business.

To assist you with this, HR Synthesis offers a comprehensive solution which includes all of the following:

SETA Registration and Administration, SDF Registration and WSP/ATR reporting
Not sure how to navigate around the Skills Development Legislations?

We will ensure that you are registered with the correct SETA. If you do not have a registered Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) in house, we can register and act as your SDF. We will ensure that you elect a training committee and train them for you. We will compile all your data related for the annual training report. Likewise, we will do the same for the workplace skills plan. We will complete and submit the WSP/ATR within the reporting timeframes each year. In addition, we will also assist in applying for discretionary grants that are available from the SETA. We will provide assistance on all SETA administration and even advise on claiming tax rebates on learnerships and internships.

Skills Needs Analysis
What skills does your company need to fulfil your strategic goals? What skills do your employees need? What skills does the country need? These are all questions you need the answers to before you spend your training budget.

Conducting a skills needs analysis is the first step that we use to identify the gaps in your workforce. Next, we’ll source and implement the right programme to plug that gap. We also provide coaching to help your employee realise their full potential.

Skills Programme Implementation and Project Management
Learnerships, internships, apprenticeships and the Y.E.S. initiative all create opportunities for learning and employment thereby increasing the skills base of the country. However, such programmes are tricky to implement especially when trying to meet the requirements of the B-BBEE codes, meeting EAP targets and complying with the Skills Development legislation. We assist in implementing SAQA accredited programmes that meets the needs of the business. An induction programme for the learners is required to assist them with adjusting to their new work environment. We can help you with this.

If you need someone to manage this project for you, HR Synthesis has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. In addition, we offer coaching for both learners, mentors and training for the Skills Development Committee members. Career development for learners, including psychometric assessments is all part of the service we offer.

Placing and Inducting People with Disabilities
At HR Synthesis, we are committed to assisting people with disabilities find employment that brings value to them and their employer. That is why we offer sensitisation training to employers who are open to working with differently people. Creating an environment and atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect and consideration is a reward for any business.

Human Resources

Employment Equity

Why do companies in SA have to comply with the Employment Equity Act? Not only will you avoid the fines levied against those who are not compliant, you will have added benefits too. Creating a diverse workforce increases your competitive advantage allowing your business to transform and grow. Ultimately this will have a positive effect on your B-BBEE rating.

HR Synthesis is able to advise and assist on all the elements involved, such as: Organisational Audits, Drafting of Policies and Procedures and Equal Pay for Equal Work Review.

We will assist you in electing an Employment Equity Committee. This committee will also need training on their responsibilities, the EE Legislation and the procedures to be followed. An HR Synthesis representative will be available to meet with your Employment Equity Committee and consult and advise them on any matters relating to your Employment Equity.

A thorough review of your current company systems, policies and practices is necessary to determine what is required to ensure your legal compliance. We will evaluate and classify all your employees are per the Department of Labour’s Occupational Levels. We are able to draft an Employment Equity Strategy/Plan that incorporates your initiatives and plans intended to add value to your business.

Furthermore, we’ll identify any gaps in your policies and address those too. For example, if you don’t employ any disabled people or don’t have a Succession Planning policy in place we can help you hire the right people or provide you with the necessary policy and process.

Project Management of Employment Equity Plan
Once the Employment Equity Plan has been drafted, it needs to be implemented. Regular meetings are held and minuted to provide progress against the plan.

Reporting on Employment Equity
Yearly reports (EEA2 and EEA4) must be submitted to the Department of Labour as required by the Employment Equity Act. It is also important that your Employment Equity Plan aligns with your overall strategy and any other initiatives, such as your Skills Development programme.

HR Synthesis will always be available to assist and advise you on all matters involving your Employment Equity aims and you can confidently outsource all elements of your project to us.

Human Resources

Health and Safety and COVID-19 Protocols

Many office environments lack the drive and momentum with their Health and Safety Programmes with the business of delivering on their orgnisational goals. Let us help you elect and train your Health and Safety Committee, conduct a risk assessment, provide recommendations to be compliant and manage your programme that is fit for purpose from end to end. We also provide policies, advice and guidelines on COVID-19 protocols, Working from Home, Return to Work and hybrid approaches as well.

Human Resources
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